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Axarquia Tour, exclusively at Sunshine Tours.

The Axarquia Tour is a fascinating 8 hour long excursion through one of the most beautiful regions of Andalucia.

This luxury tour is offered exclusively at Sunshine Tours and is specially developed to offer our guests a one day experience of what we believe is one of the hidden gems of Andalucia; the Axarquia, the rural region east of Málaga.

Because we only take a maximum of 5 people and never mix people who speak different languages, it is in many cases a private tour. You have a driver and a tour guide to escort you during this day.

The Axarquia Tour comprises of:

  • around 220 km of driving (80km highway, 20km dirt track, 120km mountain roads*) in a comfortable luxury SUV,
  • three short walks through the famous Andalucian white villages,
  • a few stops to enjoy the views,
  • a coffee break,
  • a lunch break.

*) Based on a pickup location in Málaga

Enjoy the Axarquia

Join us for a varied day trip straight through the heart of the Axarquia. Put on your sunglasses and take in the spectacular views, the Moorish remains, the old white villages, the hill sides filled with grapes, olive trees, avocados, mangos and other fruits while quietly cruising the winding mountain roads.

Who is it for?

The Axarquia Tour is for anyone with an average condition who likes culture and nature.

If you tend to suffer from car sickness, it is recommended to bring pills in case this occurs. We also keep some pills in the car.

Part of the tour is on steep dirt tracks. Although it is totally save, this can be experienced as overly exciting or even frightful for some.

Because the main focus of the tour is on nature and culture and because of the distance and the driving times, the tour might not be the suitable for children under 15 years of age.

How to prepare?

Especially on hot sunny days (almost always), it is recommended to bring a hat or a cap and sunglasses. Also bring some sun lotion if you are pale skinned.

Wear sturdy shoes or sneakers. Heels or flip-flops are not recommended because of the cobblestone pavement and the stairs streets in the villages.

We have cooled water and soft drinks in the car, but if you prefer to drink your own choice of beverage then bring that too.

About prices and availability

This tour is offered to a minimum of two and a maximum of 6 people. Prices are including a lunch in a typical Spanish restaurant, drinks and coffee.


  • Group of 2:  155,00 euro p.p.
  • Group of  3:  150,00 euro p.p.
  • Group of  4:  135,00 euro p.p.
  • Group of 5 :  115,00 euro p.p.
  • Group of 6:  100,00 euro p.p.

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The following schedule is based on pick-up and drop-off in, or close by, the city of Málaga.
Times are rough indications and may vary.


10am: Departure

You will be picked up at your stay, or at a designation location.


Around 11pm we arrive at the first of the white villages for a short walk.

12pm: Coffee Break

Arrival at the second white village. One with a special story. We take a short walk to visit the one street of this hamlet and we have a coffee.

12.30pm: High Up

We proceed our trip over exciting steep dirt tracks deep into the mountains

2pm: Lunch Time

We enjoy a table full of typical Spanish dishes ´para compartir´ (to share).


On our way for another stretch of the tour where we cross a lake and make a steep climb up to our last destination of the day.

5pm: To Top it Off

A short visit to a typical Moorish village at the top of a high mountain. Here the tour ends with a stunning 360 degrees view over the Axarquia.

6.30pm: Return

Return to Málaga and drop off at your stay.

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More information about the Axarquia

The Axarquia is the rural area east of Málaga. The southern border is formed bij the Mediterranean where it runs from Málaga along the coast for about 50km till the village of Nerja. Its eastern and northern borders are naturally defined by the mountain ranges of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama and the Sierra Gorda and in the west by the Montes de Málaga.

Because of its protected position in the lee of the mountain ranges and the smoothing influence of the Mediterranean, it has the mildest climate in Europe. This, in combination with the fertile soil, makes it ideal for agriculture. Historically this region produces the best olives and olive oils and the best raisins in the world. Nowadays you find large amounts of avocado and mango trees. The landscape is very divers and each part has its own character and atmosphere.

For more than seven centuries it was part of the Moorish reign (711 – 1490) and there are still many remains from this civilization for us to see. Today´s Spain, and especially Andalucia, is still very much influenced by the Moorish culture and during this tour you will see many of the ways in which this exists.

The Axarquia is not yet discovered by the general public and although we like to keep it that way, we believe that anyone who likes to have a good impression of the real Andalusian lifestyle should absolutely visit the Axarquia.

De witte dorpen van Andalusie
Witte dorpen van Andalusie