This four hours Málaga Tapas Tour, is a real treat for foodies. You will discover Málaga’s traditional food products, the traditional dishes and some of it’s hidden treasures.

Enjoy Málaga style marinated olives, sip on a glass of a typical local wine an bring a visit to the food market where you meet the local merchants, try the local speciality ‘boquerones fritos’ on the very place where you can also buy the freshly caught fish. Delight yourself with some Iberian ham, cut by hand at the moment, by a skilled ham cutter. Explore locally made specialties and tapas while you stroll through Málaga’s old town!

A tasting of all the goodness of Málaga 's food culture with the Málaga Tapas Tour.

Málaga Tapas Tour Highlights

  • 7 tapas bars, restaurants and foodie hotspots
  • Become a market insider with the help of our expert guides
  • A visit to a well-loved by locals Deli, home to the best Iberian hams in of Málaga
  • A visit to the tapas bar “where locals go to eat Málagan specialties” as highlighted in the New York Times
  • Malaga’s contemporary cuisine in Taberna Uvedoble

Málaga Tapas Tour: Jamon tasting

Málaga Tapas Tour Description

To discover what the famous Atarazanas food market has on offer and to enjoy the best tapas in town, this is the tour for you! Savour delectable dishes and drinks, while learning about Malaga’s rich (food) history and culture, and passing by some of its most famous sites and culinary hotspots.

The Málaga Tapas Tour starts with a visit to the famous Atarazanas food market, where you can enjoy its beautiful colours and flavours and experience the diverse, seasonal products of our region. Meet the stand holders and taste some of their best produce; true locally-made specialties.

You will learn how to distinguish three different types of ‘Jamón Serrano’, including the world famous and highly appreciated acorn and chestnut fed Iberian Bellota ham from Malaga. Awake your senses, be amazed and savour these hand-cut delicatessen when we visit a small, family-run specialty store.

It is not just the traditional tapas that reflect Málaga’s local gastronomy. It is also the tapas with a modern twist, as they are always inspired by autochthonous ingredients and authentic recipes. A prime example is the mouth-watering pil-pil prawns wrap of restaurant Uvedoble.

Throughout the whole tour you will be guided by an expert in Málaga’s food culture, who has intimate knowledge of Malaga’s best-kept food secrets.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the best places to eat in Malaga and to discover hidden gems that even locals don’t know about!

About your reservation

This Málaga Tapas Tour is open for adults and children and will start every Tuesday to Saturday, on 11am.
Price: 58 euro for adults, 30 euro for children under 16
Meeting point is at Calle Marqués de Larios, 18, outside the Women’s Secret store.

Please fill out the Reservation Request form on this page and tell us when you would like to do this tour and with how many people.

If you have any questions regarding the Málaga Tapas Tour, then please contact us directly.

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